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Goddess Healing

Dearly beloved Goddesses,

I'm Zuly Jaimes and I created Goddess Healing Within in 2018, with the purpose to be a channel for the universal healing energy of love and light to flow through me to you.


I have come to remind you of who you truly are; your own healer, your own teacher, and your own guide; that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and the world is waiting for you to show up, with all your unique gifts and talents. 


I provide a safe and sacred space where all women can explore and discover their inner world of intuition and wisdom and help them return to their own unconditional self love and true power. After all, the most important relationship is the one with ourselves.


When you focus on improving the quality of your relationship with your inner self, all other relationships begin to flow. When you accept and love yourself truly, you will attract more love around you since it all starts from within.

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My Mission

I have learned that to navigate in flow with Life, we can be guided by our own light deep within, supported and held by the entire Universe.


Through a combination of ancient healing modalities, found through my spiritual journey, I guide my sisters who come to me for healing back to self love and to the essence of their true self: a powerful and wise goddess who, when awakened, will lead others to do the same.


After a session with me, you will leave connected to your spirit, your truth, your goddess self. You will receive messages and guidance for your life journey ahead and the wisdom that holds the answers and healing you are seeking.


It is time to awaken the Goddess within!

The one that knows, the one that holds the wisdom to guide you through your soul journey in flow with Life.

It is time to rise for yourself.

To rise for the Women around you.

To rise for the world.

We are the change makers, the healers, the medicine women, the creators. It is our time to answer the call and step into our divine goddess essence.   ​

Everything we seek is already within us. 

Our job is to remember this, and mine is to guide you to do so…


The power to heal, to attract, to manifest and to live the life we dream to live, comes from within.

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