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goddess healing within

- what it will do for you -

I will guide you to reconnect with your Goddess self, so you can reawaken your own inner wisdom of self-care and love. Your external beauty will radiate from within as you re-engage with your inner beauty and true power - the glow on your face feeling like a beautiful bonus!


The Reiki energy healing incorporated in each of my therapeutic treatments will help to relax your body, mind and soul, with the intention of clearing any blockages so you can be open to receiving, attracting and manifesting your heartfelt desires. 


Offering the use of crystals, sound-healing bath, chakra balancing tones, heart-opening sacred cacao medicine, guided meditation and journeying will aid in releasing old emotions and bring you back to harmony, peace and joy, whether you choose to experience them individually, or wholly together as the ultimate Goddess Healing experience.

- where it will take you -

To a deep place of relaxation where healing can best take place at all levels: in your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.


All treatments are designed to refresh and reset your mind, body and spirit, leaving a visible and rejuvenated glow on your face - for a lighter, healthier and more beautiful you.

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