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Zuly Jaimes

- My Spiritual Journey -

Up until the year 2016, my life was very different. I was lost and felt “not good enough” all the time and had no idea that the world wanted and needed all I now offer - my healing gifts and talents.


Not knowing who I was and where I was going, I didn’t always make smart choices. I looked outside and to others for what was missing and making me feel so unfulfilled, anxious and lost. I would look for it at parties, at the bottom of a bottle and in toxic relationships. Always hoping to fill the emptiness and void that I was feeling inside. Never realising that all I will ever need lies deep within me.


In the midst of my unhappiness, I was blessed to meet a woman who was my client at the time. She invited me to experience Reiki energy healing. I knew I needed help, but I went without any expectations, and certainly had no idea how it would impact my life. I never would have imagined it would be the beginning of my spiritual journey that would change my life forever.

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Zuly Jaimes

- Journey to Goddess Facial -

I started asking myself, “What is my reason for being here on planet Earth? What is my divine inspired mission-purpose? What gives me the most meaning and joy in life?”


Since then, a series of cosmic synchronicities and magical occurrences have taken place, providing me with teachers, master energy healers, shamans and soul sisters who are now gathered by my side as my tribe, supporting me in this beautiful, magical and at times challenging journey called Life.


By asking the Universe to send me the greatest teachers on the planet in the field of spiritual awakening, the Universe heard my request and sent me the most wonderful magical teachers and guides I could ask for.


Now, I know exactly what I desire and what I intend to create and manifest. I know how to guide you and show you the door, the path to love and a more fulfilling life, through different ancient healing modalities that I have learned and mastered along my spiritual journey. I am in a position to guide you to bring healing, harmony and growth, and help you return to what you truly are: a wise of goddess of love, peace, harmony and joy.

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Zuly Jaimes

- Relevant Training & Experience -

  • Medical Aesthetician - Level 4

  • Skin Specialist

  • Reiki Master

  • Crystal Healing Facialist

  • Guided Meditation Facilitator

  • Shamanic Journeying Facilitator

  • Sacred Cacao Medicine Facilitator

  • Akashic Records Reader

  • Sound Healer

    • Gong​

    • Crystal & Tibetan Bowls

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